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“Two billionaire New York City developers bidding to build a new headquarters for the FBI – maybe the largest government development since the CIA moved to Langley in Northern Virginia in 1961 – have deep ties with President-elect Donald Trump, whose victory injects new intrigue into the jockeying for the more than $2 billion project,” reports Jonathan O’Connell of The Washington Post.

One, Steven Roth, served as an economic adviser to Trump’s presidential campaign and co-owns a building with him in Manhattan. Another, Larry Silverstein, has been referred to by Trump as a “friend of mine.”

Roth and Silverstein have both known Trump for more than 30 years. They have been rivals on some projects and cheerleaders on others.

Trump considered bidding on the FBI project himself before running for the presidency; the current FBI headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue is near his new Washington hotel.

steven-roth Steven Roth

And then there’s this wrinkle:…

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