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Aryan Skynet

Short answer: I don’t think so.

But for my own amusement, and hopefully yours, I’m going to try to make a plausible, hypothetical case that Richard Spencer is a Fed.

Some people say it is bad and counter-productive to accuse people of being “feds” or “shills” with no evidence. I disagree. I think it’s actually quite useful to at least consider the possibility.

In fact, I myself have pretty much gone out of my way to LARP as a “fed” or a “spy” online. In the same way that many people say, “they are going to call us a Nazi, so we may as well be a Nazi,” I’ve decided that people were going to call me a fed anyway, so I may as well take the bull by the horns and use it as a gimmick.

My online avatar is Maxwell Smart of the old TV show “Get Smart,”…

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