Aryan Skynet

Some remember the days of doo wop and girl groups as a time of innocence in popular music; but, as Nick Tosches conveys in his book Save the Last Dance for Satan, a roving account of the gangsterish goings-on behind the scenes of the early days of rock and roll that draws upon the reminiscences of musicians and promotion men, the record industry thrived amid a decidedly unwholesome and distinctly Jewish-mafioso environment. “Everybody was trying to shake down everybody,” Tosches writes. “Among the Jews who ran the music business, it was treachery without end within the temple.”1

Sometimes even performers of hit records like Jaynetts’ 1963 Tuff Records single “Sally, Go ‘Round the Roses” were lucky to get paid for their work. Artie Butler, who did most of the instrumentation for the song, recalls that Tuff head “Abner Spector [no relation to Phil] and I did not see…

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