Aryan Skynet


Hugh Wyatt (Hieronymus Dross on Twitter) creates cartoon propaganda memes, maintains the website, and recently recorded a DrossCast on the modern history of the occult in Britain. Here he speaks with Rainer Chlodwig von K. about his influences, views, and the future of European man.

RCvK: Merriam-Webster defines “dross” as, variously, “unwanted material that is removed from a mineral”; “something of low value or quality”; “the scum that forms on the surface of molten metal”; “waste or foreign matter”; or “something that is base, trivial, or inferior”. Is this how you see yourself?

drossHW: I believe you’re referencing my Twitter handle, Hieronymus Dross, but to answer your question directly, no, no. I chose it as a tribute of sorts to another web personality, one Common Filth, with a bit of a twist, as Hieronymus in Latin means “with a sacred name”. Also as a play on…

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