Aryan Skynet


Among the many books rushed into print to capitalize on the 2016 election cycle is Doug Henwood’s slim volume My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency. Henwood, the publisher of Left Business Observer and a contributing editor at The Nation, takes the position that criticism of Hillary Clinton need not be the exclusive preserve of hack Republican pundits. His perspective, as the “Author’s Note” introducing his book demonstrates, will be unappealingly alien to those identifying as rightists:

It would be a good thing to have a woman president after the 43 bepenised ghouls and functionaries who’ve occupied the office. (OK, there were a few who weren’t half-bad – you wouldn’t need more than one hand to count them.) But, as I argue in this book, if you’re looking for a more peaceful, more egalitarian society you’d have to overlook a lot about Hillary’s history to develop any enthusiasm…

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