Aryan Skynet

It happens every year. While families are dressing up their little children as ghosts and goblins to go door to door collecting sweets from friendly neighbors, self-righteous religious busy bodies do their best to ruin the holiday. Taking the spirit of Halloween much too literally, they turn an innocent American tradition into an excuse to morally signal, to shame the young over their choices of costumes, and otherwise to rain on everyone’s parade.

Bible thumpers in the rural South complaining about “Satan’s birthday?” Radical evangelicals taking the idea of “witches” too seriously?

No, our modern puritans are progressives, and Halloween has been turned into yet another excuse to complain about Sin, the only sin that really matters in the Current Year:

“White racism.”

University Declares Halloween Costumes Racist, Orders White Female Students Not To Go As ‘Sexy Pocahontas’

Remember when you were a little kid…when picking a Halloween…

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