Germanicus Fink drudges up a sixties stinker for dressing down.


I remember watching this show when I was less than 2 years old, likely because it had dinosaurs in it.

It aired right after the open borders act and the Civil Rights act and all the episodes involve these astronauts who somehow went back in time and had to live with cavemen. The plots always involve the astronauts convincing the cavemen that their traditions and customs were foolish and getting the cave men to either change them or give them up entirely, usually for the benefit of the cavemen who keep running afoul of their prehistoric laws. In one episode (first in the link provided) they actually use drugs (laughing gas) to disrupt caveman society so the astronauts can escape execution. Remember that the hippie movement was gearing up around this time.

The show is jewier than vaudeville but I find it amusing. John Lennon actually made a very insightful…

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