Aryan Skynet

Certain peculiar details from the life of Fidel Castro have always been out of keeping with the popular image of the scraggly-bearded Third World communist revolutionary. In 1946, for instance, as his profile at the Internet Movie Database attests, Castro appeared as an extra in Easy to Wed and Holiday in Mexico, two motion pictures filmed at MGM Studios in Culver City, California. Cuban investigator Servando Gonzalez makes the provocative accusation that it was shortly after this that the future dictator of Cuba was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency. Gonzalez contends that Castro served the purposes of the Council on Foreign Relations, with Cuba functioning as a base of operations for the destabilization and subversion of other countries in Latin America and elsewhere in the developing world – all for American corporate interests. According to this interpretation, the Bay of Pigs invasion was intended to fail and to…

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