Aryan Skynet

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RCvK: Were you nicely behaved as a child or have you always been a rascal?

HR: I’m not a rascal now and I was a relatively conventional boy that never got into too much trouble. Until I hit 16, at which time I was somewhat involuntarily separated from my implicitly White, explicitly Christian community and all hell broke loose. I discovered girls, drugs, and illegal ways to make money. I’m sure you can fill in the details. Thankfully, that only lasted a few years until I got a nice white collar job and a pretty fiancée. So I moved to New York, started shopping for a ring, and was about to pop the question, buy a house in a suburb within commuting distance and start a family. Then, you know, 9/11. A few years after 9/11 I had my “Eyes Wide Shut” moment, when I realized that…

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