Aryan Skynet

There are three predictable ruts that pro-Whites get into.

The first is Blacks vs. Whites. Blacks accuse Whites of slavery, Jim Crow, and the Ku Klux Klan. Pro-Whites then tend to tailgate, talking about Black crime, or IQ tests, or how Blacks, Democrats, and liberals are the “real racists.”

But that’s tailgating. That is allowing them to set the context. Instead, follow the White Rabbit and flip the script and change the context.

The second rut is Mestizos vs. Whites. Mestizos say Europeans stole America from the Indians, therefore America really belongs to Jose Martinez. Pro-Whites then tailgate, talking about how Spain stole it first, or something about diseases, or how they are only against “illegal immigration,” or how many Whites are 1/16 Native American.

That’s tailgating. Instead, White Rabbits flip the script.

The worst of course is Jews vs. Whites. Whites just don’t know how to respond when a…

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