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mel-gibson Mad Mel Gibson as Max Rockatansky

mick-farren Mick Farren

The late Mick Farren, in addition to leaving behind a respectable catalogue of confrontational sixties-seventies British psych and proto-punk, was the author of several science-fiction novels as well as assorted non-fiction including an interesting item titled The Black Leather Jacket. This short book is a work of pop-cultural anthropology and an engaging excavation of the social history of a garment that like no other would zipper the union of dangerousness and hip mystique.

Among Farren’s many thought-provoking observations is the curious circumstance that the black leather jacket would be adopted during its postwar heyday by both police and delinquent youth – figures operating on opposite sides of the law and conventional mores. “There doesn’t seem to be any argument that there’s something more going on with the black leather jacket than just a simple, utilitarian garment,” Farren begins his most intriguing…

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