Some Trump analysis from Hipster Racist.

Aryan Skynet

160905_trump_lDonald Trump’s latest speech on immigration was about as good as it gets, as good as possible under the current conditions. He didn’t back down. He made it clear that immigration policy should be in the interests of citizens. He referenced the 1964 immigration law – the law that started the displacement of White America. He didn’t back down on the wall and he didn’t back down on deportations.

If you vote, there’s really only one option: Donald Trump.

But even if Donald Trump wins, it’s too late for America, at least, keeping a White majority in America.

The majority of natural born US citizens under the age of five are non-white. Mostly this is thanks to anchor babies, but the idea of reversing citizenship for anchor babies is not only not on the radar, it’s not even thinkable. So, it’s simply a matter of time. In the next 20…

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