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devo2 Rob Maness

After Dr. David Duke declared his candidacy for the Pelican State’s vacated Senate seat in July, it quickly became apparent that his principal competition for the disaffected white vote would be retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness, a cookie-cutter cuckservative clod currently cuddling up to the corrupting creatures at AIPAC. Not surprisingly, Duke’s Die-Hards, among whom this writer is proud to include himself, took to trashing the crooked cuck with a storm of no-holds-barred trolling on Twitter. What follows is a blow-by-blow selection of the “greatest hits” delivered to Maness’s flabby excess of ego thus far.

ASDuke03 The late, great Fash McQueen, who was shoahed by Twitter not long into the campaign, was one of the first to engage in Twitter terrorism for Dr. Duke. Fash also proved to be one of the most influential with his creation of the #ColonelCuck meme, which began as a reference to Maness’s…

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