Aryan Skynet

Apparently, even a non-political subreddit like /r/DataIsBeautiful isn’t safe. A forum meant to show gee-whiz graphs and maps of various public data, user “spideyismywingman” posted the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Map” – the data projection of which is neither “beautiful” nor interesting, but apparently, ok because, well you know, “hate” and all.

But the other redditors were not cooperative, objecting to the $PLC’s definition of “hate group,” questioning their methodology, and wondering why the most famous hate group of modern times: Black Lives Matter, doesn’t get listed along with some long forgotten PO Box supposedly belonging to the Ku Klux Klan.

giggle2themit 6 points 5 hours ago

Ahh southern poverty law center, a group of lawyers that make money off of finding boogie men (as long as they are white) while ignoring anti-white groups and…

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