Hipster Racist wants his persona back.

Aryan Skynet

You knew they would get around to it eventually. The whole Trump = Hitler thing triggered Godwin’s Law too quickly. It’s hard painting Donald Trump, a celebrity libertine New York billionaire, as some sort of Southern Ku Klux Klanner or theocratic fundamentalist Christian. And “racist” by itself has lost its sting simply due to overuse.

So – wait for it – Donald Trump is a “Hipster Racist.”

Donald Trump embraces a toxic dump of hipster racists with his new fantasy-spewing campaign CEO

(You gotta love the purple prose, “spewing” and “toxic.” “Toxic” has officially become a Social Justice Warrior catchphrase.)

If any more confirmation is needed of Donald Trump’s embrace of white nationalism, look no further than his selection of Stephen K. Bannon, the head honcho of Breitbart News, as his presidential campaign’s new chief executive.

With one hire Trump dispelled the fairytale he would act more presidential, while doubling…

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