Aryan Skynet


Do you feel like an outcast in most facets of daily life for refusing to check your privilege, opting instead to act in your own interests? Regardless of your particular ideological bent, do you often find yourself feeling alienated and on your own even within white identity or related dissident movements, forever at odds even when surrounded by supposed allies? With corporate, state and academic propaganda pulsating at you nearly 24 hours a day on every frequency, the act of tuning out the echoes and going off to explore thoughts on your own terms is to select a path many people are too comfortably entranced to traverse. The race realists, futurists, nationalists and anti-consumerists are among today’s last stalwart non-conformists, navigating outside of society’s social and artistic taboos. For better or worse, eating ass is perfectly acceptable on network TV, and gibberizzle has become the unofficial language of today’s…

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