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Preeminent garbologist A.J. Weberman, discussed previously at Aryan Skynet, made a startling discovery when he plied his trade in the trash of “Battling Bella” Abzug, a U.S. congresswoman who represented New York’s nineteenth and twentieth districts during the seventies. As Weberman relates in My Life in Garbology:

She’s always been on the left side of the political scene, coming out of the labor movement tradition, leading the Women’s Strike for Peace against the Vietnam War and working hard for good social legislation regarding the rights of minorities and women. For these reasons I’ve always respected Bella. But nobody in the public eye is immune to garbology. That’s why I started to focus on Bella’s barrel. But there were problems right from the start […]1

Weberman first found the refuse of Mr. Abzug, a stockbroker, which included “cardboard stiffeners from professionally laundered shirts”, “a tube from…

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