Aryan Skynet

The campaign has become an exercise in tribalism. “Issues” often take a backseat to personalities, but in this case, everything is taking a backseat to identity. Trump is now clearly the candidate for white men while the “not-Trump” candidates are for non-whites and anti-white whites. (White women are still stuck somewhere in the middle but will likely vote Trump by a slim majority.)

The tribal nature of the campaign is being noted by the social consequences of wearing Trump t-shirts and hats in public:

AryanSkynet has never been particularly enthused with Donald Trump himself and has never engaged in the typical WN fantasies about Trump “taking on the Jews” or being “secretly pro-white.” In fact, virtually alone, AryanSkynet has documented the Jewish and Likud backing of the Trump campaign.

But Trump himself and whatever he may or may not do in office is not as…

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