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Garbology2 A.J. Weberman

Renegade investigator A.J. Weberman is a paranoid Jew who – in addition to authoring a study on the JFK assassination conspiracy and a book alleging that former presidential candidate Ron Paul is America’s Most Dangerous Nazi – is the legendary originator of the science of garbology. Weberman recounts the colorful genesis of his dumpster-diving studies in his 1980 tell-all My Life in Garbology:

One day in September, 1970, Ann Duncan and I were on our way to the Café Gaslight on MacDougal Street [in Greenwich Village] and we happened to pass Bob Dylan’s townhouse. For four long years I had been studying Dylan’s poetry, trying to crack the code of his symbolism. As I eyed the home of the reclusive poet I wondered what went down behind the door that Dylan had slammed in my face. Just then I noticed Dylan’s shiny new steel garbage can and…

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