Aryan Skynet

Dr. Duke’s Twitter game began inauspiciously with a series of super-lame memes almost cuckservative in their total lack of imagination. Committed volunteers, however, would rush to block the breach and would produce their own assortment of much livelier images for the Duke campaign – on a strictly unofficial basis, of course, and whether the Duke campaign itself had use for these or not.

ASDukeMeme4 So apparently one of the talking M&Ms from the television commercials got both of its legs and one of its arms chopped off at some fancy white-glove affair and is pissed off at the Louisiana Republican Party for some reason. Mr. Peanut, one assumes, had a scheduling conflict and the only talent the agency could dig up on such short notice was some disgruntled amputee piece of candy rocking an Elvis sneer.

DukeToSenate Okay, slight improvement … Duke is looking good and ready to get down to business…

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