Aryan Skynet


Probably not even those Twitterati whose Trump hats have been pulled so snugly over their eyes and ears for these past twelve months can have failed to notice that David Duke has thrown his hat into the ring and announced his candidacy for Louisiana’s vacated seat in the U.S. Senate. Some, this writer included, immediately swore their allegiance, while others – most notably Ricky Vaughn – remained reticent and aloof. A few diehards – among them Fash McQueen, The Dank One, Andrew Yule, DonaldTrumpWall, Don Logan, The German, and Bunny Hopper – quickly became Duke’s most committed defenders and champions on Twitter. Andrew Anglin gave Dr. Duke The Daily Stormer’s endorsement, followed on Saturday by a Richard Spencer interview with the good doctor himself at Radix. Here, for history’s sake, is a dredging of some of the noteworthy discourse on the…

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