My interview with B’Man – check it out!

Aryan Skynet

For those unacquainted with its mission, B’Man’s Revolt is a hard-hitting, truth-telling, and uncompromising pro-white blog maintained by southern information warfare veteran BuelahMan, who describes himself as “a Mississippi redneck who hopes to speak to other rednecks bamboozled by the bullshit.” In this explosive Skynet exclusive interview, the B’Man sits down and holds forth with Rainer Chlodwig von Kook for a finger-lickin’-racist discussion encompassing cannabis, 9/11, the Civil War, and the recent neo-Nazi Holocaust in Sacramento.

RCvK: For uninitiated readers, what precisely is a “BuelahMan”?

B’MAN:BuelahMan is a name given me a long time ago by a good friend (actually, he called me Beulah… the Man I added). So many people think it has something to do with BeulahLand of the Bible or that there is a religious connotation. Hardly (although I know that the thought attracts a certain southern Christian type and they show up at my blog…

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