Aryan Skynet

Everyone knows the story. Trump’s famous twitter account “retweeted” an image of Hillary Clinton that was “anti-semitic” because it included a shape in the form of a six pointed star that sort of, kind of, resembles a Jewish “Star of David.”


This has, predictably, triggered all sorts of people: Jews, Social Justice Warriors, the Clinton campaign, and the philosemitic “counter-jihad” movement:

Some commenters insisted that this was just an accidental use of a common shape in PowerPoint or Visio or some other program like that, by someone on Trump’s campaign team. Nope. It was intentional anti-Semitism (although completely accidental on the part of Trump).

I’ve seen enough anti-Semitic propaganda from white nationalists over my course of blogging to know it when I see it.

The origin of the meme is twitter account “FishBoneHead” who is described thusly:

I doubt he was creating a dog whistle against Jews since his…

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