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“You all know me, I’m Jack Ruby,” Oswald’s assassin famously stated after silencing President Kennedy’s putative killer on November 24, 1963. He addressed the Dallas police who immediately took him into custody. Indeed, the proprietor of the Carousel strip club was well acquainted with most of the city’s police force – but does the public at large really know Jacob Rubenstein, the man who introduced himself to the world as “Jack Ruby”?

Rubenstein was born in Chicago’s heavily Jewish-immigrant Maxwell Street neighborhood in 1911; but even his birth is shrouded in an air of absurd mystery:

There is some confusion about his exact birth date. School records report it as June 23, April 25, March 13, and March 3, 1911. Other early official records list his date of birth as April 21 and April 26, 1911. During his adult life the date Ruby used most frequently was…

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