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Sunday, June 19. The week got off to a volatile start with war crimes committed by right-wing racist police death squads against the people of Dewey Beach, Delaware. Neo-Nazi hate site Delmarva Now’s report characterizes the citizenry’s self-defense as a “riot”:

Dewey Beach Police arrested five individuals in connection with a brawl early Sunday morning that quickly escalated into a riot.

On June 19 at approximately 1:25 a.m. a Dewey Beach Police Officer observed a fight in progress in the Ivy Restaurant parking lot at 136 Dagsworthy Avenue. Approximately 10 to 15 people were observed in the fight and the officer attempted to intervene. A call for assistance was made to the Dewey Beach Police Dispatch Center and additional officers began to arrive, according to the release.

Raven Bacon Raven Bacon, one of the five freedom fighters arrested for participation in the Dewey Beach “riot” on Sunday

The crowd rapidly increased in size…

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