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When alleged Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh had his day in court in Denver in the Spring of 1997, he was represented by Stephen Jones of the law firm Jones, Wyatt & Roberts. Jones put together a rather eccentric “defense”, claiming McVeigh was merely one man out of several “racists financed by Iraq” and “possibly Iran” – a yarn which, from the retrospective distance of the twenty-first century, can clearly be seen to bridge and meld the thematic concerns of the right-wing domestic terrorism hysteria of the Clinton years and the Zio-conservative War on Terror agenda of the age of Bush and Obama.

Where did Jones and his team encounter such preposterous disinformation? A leaked 1996 Jones, Wyatt & Roberts memorandum provides the answer. Prepared by Amber McLaughlin, the confidential communication summarizes the items discussed at a meeting between Jones, defense team researcher Roger Charles, and ABC…

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