Aryan Skynet

no-bordersEvery once in a while I go on to reddit to “discuss” issues with the left, the progressives, the liberals, and the anti-whites.

One thing I’ve noticed is that progressives will throw any other issue under the bus in order to promote mass immigration, specifically, non-white immigration.

California already has too many people and not enough water. Maybe reducing immigration into California will help? Progressives say no. Mass immigration is more important than the environment.

Muslims are notoriously anti-gay. Africans are notoriously anti-gay. Progressives claim they support LGBT rights. So perhaps restricting Muslim and African immigration will prevent a new generation of homophobic attacks on LGBT?

Progressives say no. Doesn’t matter. Mass immigration is the only important thing.

Donald Trump’s great crime was simply to suggest any restriction of immigration, legal or illegal, at all. Trump, an anti-racist, pro-Jewish, pro-Israel white man with a Jewish family and grandchildren living in…

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