Turn the beat around, ‘merica …

Aryan Skynet


If a single lesson emerges from the tragic terror of the pile of patriotically pozzed corpses on the dancefloor of the Pulse men’s club in Orlando, it is the undeniable fact that freedom-loving Americans of all walks of life – blacks, gays, Latinos, liberals, conservatives, women, men, transgender, gun control advocates, and national security hawks – must finally set aside their differences, uniting all their political might to elect the one presidential candidate who has demonstrated his solidarity with all of these groups in their unending struggle against Radical Islam and, more important than this, pledged his loyalty to the Israeli people, whose recent experience with Twitter-affiliated neo-Nazi terrorism underscores the necessity of a globally concerted effort to stamp out the scourge of assault-rifle-enabled Caucasian Jihad. That man, of course, is Donald J. Trump.


Initial reports identified the killer of over fifty patrons of Orlando’s Pulse as the White Muslim…

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