Hipster Racist with some points of practical significance for whites.

Aryan Skynet

Reading the follow-up article, “How To Passivism” and the comments at SocialMatter.net, I was struck with an amazing sense of deja-vu.

Your mention of fraternal organizations got me thinking. Belonging to a fraternal organization used to be a big thing for American men. There were dozens of these associations (Lions, Shriners, Woodsmen of the World, Moose, Elks Lodge, etc.) with millions of members going to frequent local, state and national meetings.

Though membership has plummeted for these organizations since the 1960’s, many of them still nominally exist. They have organizational and communication structures in place that link chapters nationally. Not to mention privately owned meeting places in most American towns & cities. What they do not have is members below the senior citizen age range.

This presents a fine opportunity for entryism on our part. We could begin joining these organizations and use them as an environment for building our…

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