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The “NRx” blog has an excellent article, “Right-Wing Activism Always Fails,” by Mark Yuray.

[O]n January 9, the Cologne police had 1,700 police officers in riot gear and reinforced by water cannons break up a rally of around 1,700 [pro-European/pro-White] people, but a week or so earlier they couldn’t muster more than 80 police officers to patrol the main square during the busiest night of the year as a thousand Arabs went nuts on the locals. Are these even the same police forces? Apparently, rather than fearing thefts and rapes, the police feared that “emotions would boil over,” and going by the numbers of arrests, they indeed prepared terribly for the former, but magnificently for the latter.

[Activism] is not the way to gain power and influence, it is a victory dance for those who already have it. Doing the victory dance when you have power only reinforces your…

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