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James Earl Ray 2 James Earl Ray

Michael King’s 1968 murder, more than his work in the Civil Coercion Movement under the nom de guerreDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”, has been weaponized to set pliable blacks to perpetual fuming as well as to cow gullible diaspora Europeans into dreary acceptance of the dysgenic globalist-corporate order. A George Wallace supporter and bush-league crook, James Earl Ray, was tapped to take the blame for the hit and so deposit the scourge of racism front and center in the television-tamed American public’s approximate consciousness. Newsweek’s appropriation of the racist Ray legend to hawk gun control in the aftermath of the Giffords shooting in 2011 is typical of the versatility of the King apotheosis considered as a rhetorical arsenal.

If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today — he would have turned 82 last week — he would in all likelihood be in Arizona…

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