Aryan Skynet

Because so much of the history of the twentieth century, and particularly the thirties and forties, has been falsified for political purposes, a powerful temptation persists among identitarians to react by embracing the opposite of the establishment’s hollow propaganda. This writer, too, has at times been susceptible to this line of thinking – or of not thinking, as the case might be. Spain’s Francisco Franco furnishes an instructive case. Macho man of action, charismatic dictator, collaborator with Hitler and Mussolini in freeing his country from the clutches of Bolshevism and anarchist violence – what is not to like about Francisco Franco? One of the regular Right Stuff commenters (as well as a

Francisco FrancoRico Suave

contributor to The Daily Stormer) even goes by the screen name “Francisco Franco”. The Daily Stormer once carried a Fox Newsstory about a rally honoring the Spanish dictator, retitled it “Fascist Rally…

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