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Luis Zwi Migdal Luis Zwi Migdal, Jewish gangster and pimp

Skynet recently had occasion to note the remarkable intersection of pimping and anarchist violence among Jewish immigrants in Argentina during the early twentieth century. Buenos Aires, as Jews continued to settle in the city in growing numbers, quickly developed a reputation as an international center in the “white slave trade” – which, in the case of Argentina’s largest flesh syndicate, involved the prostitution of Jewish women from Eastern Europe. The majority of the country’s massive immigration consisted of single men and married men who had come alone, intending to send for their families later1 – and unscrupulous Jews were eager to meet the high demand for female companionship, so that by 1910 sex trafficking came to be understood as a “principally Jewish activity”2.

Leon Malach, in a 1928 article for The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, colors the background:

The first…

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