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“The lesson you need to take from Chile,” The Right Stuff’s Tercio informs readers, “is that Chileans elected communism of their own volition but they had to literally be coerced into free market capitalism. Thanks to Pinochet’s deep institutional reforms the country’s free market system was able to survive […]”

Glenn Beck himself could hardly have put it better; but is this all that needs to be said on the score of the “Chilean 9/11”?

Pontificating at Human Events, Humberto Fontova makes the expected rightist case that Chile “was looking up the locked and loaded muzzle of a Stalinist takeover” that would have succeeded if not for the intervention of General Augusto Pinochet:

Upon Stalin’s death in 1953, Chilean Communists held a “Homage to Stalin” in Santiago’s Baquedano theater. Salvador Allende could hardly contain himself: “Stalin was a banner of creativity, of humanism…

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