Aryan Skynet

Skynet recently cast its spotlight on the inconvenient history of Israeli arms trading and other, related commercial involvements that sometimes fly in the face of official U.S. foreign policy. In addition to the Israeli arms sales and death squad training furnished to Colombian crimelords in the 1980s, involvements in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala during the Carter and Reagan administrations provide other useful examples of this tendency. The website Third World Traveler gives this account:

From its earliest attempts to establish itself as an arms exporter, Israel had enjoyed the patronage of the military of El Salvador, which ruled that small, densely-populated country on the Pacific side of the Central American isthmus on behalf of a powerful plantation oligarchy.

In 1973 Israel took orders from El Salvador for 18 Dassault Ouragan jet fighter aircraft. Israel had obtained these planes from France for its own use. Refurbished and delivered to El…

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