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Evangelicos Shall evil prevail?

As increasingly libertine and spiritually disinvested whites present less and less promising prospects as a reliable bulwark of support for its bellicose foreign policy aims, the Zionist menace is hedging its bets by wagering on more bovine stock. High stakes are attached by the Israel lobby to the manipulation of immigrant perceptions of the Zionist state, and the most promising field for their ethno-supremacist ideological fertilizer is the growing presence in the U.S. of evangélicos – Hispanics whose brainwashing bears more resemblance to that of typical white evangelicals than that of their Catholic co-ethnics.

“The 2016 election may be the ‘coming out’ year for the Latino evangelicals,” writes Jack Jenkins at ThinkProgress. “Yet unlike Hispanic Catholics, who overwhelmingly reflect the Democratic party platform on several key issues, Latino evangelicals share political sensibilities with both parties,” Jenkins explains, which “has made their voting habits increasingly uncertain, meaning…

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