Yesterday during prime time in the German state on television, channel ARD aired: “Wer hat Angst vorm’m weißen Mann” (Who’s afraid of the white man).

Story: A racist bavarian butcher has a stroke. When he returns from the hospital, his daughter employed a black asylum seeker from Africa called “Alpha” in the butcher shop. The asylum seeker and the butcher’s daughter become lovers and together they save the faltering traditional butcher shop from bankruptcy. In the end everyone accepts the supremacy of the black man. Total cuck fantasy, I know, but those brainwashed krouts just eat this shit up.

The sad thing is, every German has to pay for this shit. The GEZ collects 53 Euros for three months of German state television and if you don’t pay it you have to go to prison (no shit). They have a similar set up in England, but I don’t think you can go…

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