Aryan Skynet

Swastika The future Jackie Kennedy, an early advocate of voluntaryist Aryan relocation to ZOG-administered reservations

What got this redskin’s loincloth in a bunch? Personally, I’m looking forward to living on one of the many reservations that will accommodate our people in the not-too-distant future. Seriously, what’s not to like? Who wouldn’t want to open up a casino and be the next Bugsy or Trump of the plains? Well, probably not the plains, since there isn’t going to be enough room for us with all of the dreamers and refugees needing extra farting room. The Trilateral Bureau of European-American Affairs will more likely establish the bulk of the white reservations in Alaska and Canada – the regions of the continent best suited to the Nordic temperament in their icy remoteness.

There we’ll be free to establish a snow-capped archipelago of American Oranias on an expansive scale and in perfect eco-harmony with…

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