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Noriega Hitler The Associated Press validates the first Bush administration’s adventure in Panama by portraying the ousted leader as yet another vanquished Fuhrer from whom the planet had been rescued.

This past Christmas, Aryan Skynet took the opportunity to revisit the criminal American invasion of Panama in December of 1989 and to highlight the goofy attempts of the government and elements of the press to depict Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega as yet another avatar of the immortal spirit of international Hitlerism. The abject absurdity of the New Hitler libel is thrown into even starker contrast in the light of a January 15, 1990 Newsweek piece, “The Noriega Files”, which, in the course of describing the leader’s actions following the death of predecessor Torrijos, reveals:

Noriega immediately began converting the National Guard from a loosely run corrupt organization into a closely held business. He renamed it the Panamanian Defense Forces at the…

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