More Trump 9/11 and other Zionist connections – this ought to be required reading for all of the Trumpfags out there.

Aryan Skynet

Aryan Skynet reported recently on Zionist pharmaceuticals tycoon Stewart Rahr’s expressed interest, dating back to 2011, in running Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. Rahr is not the only powerful Zionist Jew to bestow his favor upon The Donald by supporting his presidential aspirations. During the same period when Rahr and attorneys Michael Cohen, Bradley Gerstman, and David Schwartz were floating their website, Palm Beach Town Councilman William J. Diamond lent his clout to a Draft Trump 2012 campaign.

ThePalm Beach Post’s George Bennett offered these tidbits in a 2011 article:

“I think it’s important that he get in the race. We need as many good Republicans as we can get,” said Diamond, who said he’s known Donald Trump‘s family for 50 years.

In Florida presidential politics, Diamond is best known as a Rudy Giuliani guy. He served in former New York Mayor Giuliani’s administration as…

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