Aryan Skynet

With the American Israel Public Affairs Committee having announced last week Donald Trump as the headliner at its 2016 conference in Washington later this month, some observers – those, for instance, of the white nationalist persuasion who continue to fall for the “Wrestlemania-style events that you gobble up like Roman citizens watching a lion eat a gladiator” – may be confused as to what is happening. Der FuhrHair hosted by AIPAC? What the actual fuck, many may be asking, is going on? For those who have not been reading Aryan Skynet on a regular basis, Jewish Journal’s Jacob Kornbluh fills in some details:

How does one go from serving as AIPAC’s Southwest Regional Political Director a year ago to running Donald Trump’s national political operation today?

Ever since Trump announced his White House bid last June, Michael Glassner has been serving as his campaign’s national political…

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