Aryan Skynet

Donald Trump’s devotion to the rogue Jewish supremacist parasite-state of Israel is no secret, and in fact furnishes the faux-populist candidate with one of his favorite boasts. In 2014, Trump was moved to donate more than $100,000 to United Hatzalah, which provides lifesaving medical care to Zionist occupiers wounded in the course of harassing the Arab natives. The Algemeiner reports:

The gift, which will go towards the purchase of four ambucycles, costing $26,000 each, was inspired by his friend, billionaire Stewart Rahr.

Last month, Rahr arranged the donation of 50 ambucycles for the group through his own contribution and that of his friends.

Who is Stewart Rahr? An insane Jew, promoter of “Holocaust” remembrance, and enthusiastic backer of the Israeli Defense Forces, the man who calls himself “Stewie Rah Rah” is a pharmaceuticals manufacturer whose company Kinray Inc. cashed in on the spike in sales of the…

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