Aryan Skynet

It just keeps getting better and better.

Obama, elected on a backlash against the George W. Bush administration’s two terms of warmongering and the economic collapse triggered by comical corruption on Wall Street, has racked up a record of more wars than his predecessor and is now giving his swan song defending those same Wall Street bankers.


Hillary Clinton, Democratic heir apparent, is engaged in a crap fight with Bernie Sanders, an 80 year old Communist Jew, who has stolen the young, idealistic progressives right out from under her, just like Obama did last time. While the Democrats paint themselves as the party of the “future” and “progressive values,” their front runner has resorted to attacking those very same young liberal voters as “sexists” and “racists” as her proxies are attacking Sanders for not allowing Hillary to interrupt him during debates, because she’s a woman, and that would be…

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