Interesting analysis from Hipster Racist, further elaborating his controversial interpretation of what the Trump candidacy really represents.

Aryan Skynet

Hilarious thread. [Donald Trump] is now so confident of the nomination that he starts maneuvering away from his non-urban White base. White base (here) squirms and rationalizes. We do NOT need Trump in the WH, idiots…that’d be the same old, same old. We need him to blow up the Republiscam party. So non-urban Whites have no place to go but the gun store. — “StukaPilot”

There is going to be a re-alignment of Middle East states by war and revolution. Pres. Trump might mean an option for transfers from the occupied territories of Israel during upheaval such as an ISIS takeover of Jordan, which would split Israel from the Diaspora and Lobby. There can be a Jewish State of Israel or no transfer of the West Bank Palestinians. Not both. — “Someday”

There is great confusion on the “alt-right” and in White Nationalist circles about just what is going on…

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