Hipster Racist analyzes the Trump Cult phenomenon.

Aryan Skynet

According to the anti-whites, Ronald Reagan was racist. George H. W. Bush was racist. George W. Bush was racist. Bill and Hillary Clinton were not racists, until they ran against Barack Obama, then they became racists, but are no longer racist. Bernie Sanders is a racist, and a sexist, and his fans are racist, sexist white men.

In what was an utterly predictable turn of events, Trump was confronted about David Duke’s support of his candidacy. Trump lied, saying he didn’t know who David Duke was, which was absurd considering that Donald Trump had already denounced David Duke. Trump has, in fact, a long history of smearing people as “racist” and “neo-Nazis” and “anti-semites.”

The Washington Post hilariously tries to spin this in an anti-Trump way, but at least gives us what Trump has said, on the record, about David Duke going back TWENTY-FIVE YEARS.

From 1991:

Larry King: “Did…

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