Mindweapon’s non-review of a movie called Limitless, segueing into his thoughts on high-investment parenting, television, yoga, and the Will to Power.

Aryan Skynet

Sp0iler Alert:

Limitless, starring the very Aryan looking Bradley Cooper, is about the discovery of a pill that makes you more intelligent.  Of course, such a pill would make you able to do pharmaceutical research and perfect the drug even more, which then makes you smarter, which then makes you able to make an even better drug, and so on. Which is what happens with Bradley Cooper’s character.  Also, when he is on the intelligence pill, his eyes are a bright blue:


Gee, I wonder what this is signaling?  At the end of the movie, he has a very hot blonde wife.  He speaks Japanese to the waitress, and looks at his wife, and it’s all quite normal now.  They are both on smart pills, and will live Aryanly ever after.  Get this movie on DVD, someone snuck this past the Hollywood censors!

The recursive nature of getting a smart…

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