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Species Natasha Henstridge as Sil

No regular Aryan Skynet reader needs to be told how devoted this website’s writers are to defending and promulgating the dignity, heritage, and empowerment of the Jewish people. It is, therefore, with a genuine pique and the indignation of the slapped that Skynet encounters the work of one of those saddest of creatures, the self-hating Jew. Hollywood screenwriter Dennis Feldman is one specimen of this unfortunately still-prevalent type, as his kapoesque script for director Roger Donaldson’s anti-Semitic science-fiction fatwa Species (1995) makes hyper-abundantly clear.

Species concerns the presence on earth of a hostile alien lifeform, Sil, played by Canadian supermodel Natasha Henstridge. The actress’s Aryan looks would preclude any thought of assigning a Jewish identity to her character if not for the opening sequence in which Mengele-like government scientist Ben Kingsley, finished experimenting with the extraterrestrial child, comes to the conclusion that her abilities pose too…

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