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Demolition is underway on a landmark of my childhood and early adolescence. Indian Springs Shopping Center, which opened in 1971, was one of several malls to be built in the Kansas City metropolitan area, and for more than twenty years was a popular center of commerce and fun for the people of Kansas City, Kansas. Mary Rupert, writing for Wyandotte Daily, gives an idea of the building’s scope and erstwhile importance:

When it opened in 1971, Indian Springs Shopping Center at 47th and State was the first mall in this area and attracted many visitors from the region. It was at the intersection of I-635 and I-70, two highways easily accessible to the visitors from other parts of the metro area. It had about 700,000 square feet on two levels, about 4,000 parking spaces, and lots of fountains in the mall.


Located just a few minutes from the apartment…

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