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Hillary Make America Hate Again!

[Aryan Skynet is pleased to present this special guest post by Deathspike Valknutter, moderator of the popular Volkisch_Bloodrip subreddit and assistant moderator of the Solar Crosshairs Arsenal TalKKK discussion board. Valknutter looks forward to your comments. – R.C. von K.]

Hillary Clinton, few honest blood brothers in the struggle for white supremacy would contest, is, if not the most likable, easily the most lickable candidate in the 2016 presidential field. She also happens to be a hardcore white hegemonist shitlord hiding in plain sight – unlike a certain other dog-whistling, Israel-pampering shitlord-poseur!

Donald Trump? Please.

Hitlary is the real thing!

Revelation of the Method Revelation of the Method: Zio-Kabbalist clues are dropped in this Donald Trump campaign advertisement, linking The…

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