Aryan Skynet


BloombergDonMartinez Oh, really?

Trump supporters, desperate to believe themselves to be the participants in a secular crusade to make America great “again”, have gone so far as to cast The Donald as a kind of absurdist Christ, feared and hated by “the Jews” and – some even dare to suggest – in danger of an assassination attempt if he loosens his lips too much. Mark Glenn of the Ugly Truth podcast is so impressed with the candidate’s enigmatic 9/11 truther credentials that he assumes that Trump must have the backing of some rogue deep state intelligence group that has pledged itself to his personal safety.


BloombergJewsTrumpAlt-Righters have heard Trump make two or three comments that would seem to allude, if only obliquely, to Israeli crimes against the United States, and this, the story goes, is why “the Jews” are now out to “shut it down”. Trump himself repeatedly sulks in public…

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